What to Wear at a Day Club Pool Party

If you have never been to a pool party at a Day Club, you might be wondering exactly what to expect. Perhaps you picture a group of beautiful people wearing pool party swimwear, or maybe you envision sexy clubwear dresses on display. You would not be far off with some of those thoughts, but others are not entirely representative of the vibe that happens at these parties. We will look at what to wear for these events and what to leave at home.

Understanding the Vibe

This is a tricky situation since many venues are open to casual dress but going too casual might be frowned upon. To get an idea of what kind of day club pool party attire is available, checking out the website for Day Club Wear is an excellent option. You can also ask a local to offer you a little insight on how casual or formal the club you are visiting tends to be. If all else fails, go for casual but classy. No jean shorts or bedheads make it into these places.

Layers are Important

In some cases, the Day Club may in a venue that hosts other events. That means you may need regular clothing over the top of your day club pool party wear. Other clubs are not so strict, so a t-shirt, cover-up or a sundress over your pool attire will be fine. After you arrive at the pool party, feel free to drop the extra layer of clothing on a sun lounger and get your groove on.

Shine with Accessories

One of the best ways to stand out at one of these pool parties is by your accessories. Shoes and jewelry are a big part of this. While men’s and women’s beach clothes will be similar, putting on a unique shoe or cover-up can turn heads. Make sure you inquire in advance about any types of footwear that may be banned or not suitable for the venue. Some Day Clubs do not allow the use of shoes with hard soles. If that is the case and there are no party attire shops close to you, consider shopping for pool party outfits and sexy pool shoes online.

Instead of searching for “beach wear near me,” consider shopping at Day Club Wear online. We offer some different options for pool parties, both casual and formal. You can browse our wide selection of apparel by visiting DayClubWear.com